Terms & conditions of promotionGet a free Maruti bracelet with a shoe purchase’


1. General
  1. These terms & conditions (hereinafter: “T&Cs”) are applicable to the “Get a free Maruti bracelet promotion (hereinafter: “Promotion”) organised by the private limited company under Dutch law Maruti Fashion B.V., with its registered office at Marconilaan 6, Weert, The Netherlands (hereinafter: “Offeror”).
  1. The Promotion runs from April 14th 2017 through April 30th 2017 (“Promotion Period”). Participation is no longer possible after April 30th 2017. The Participation is held in every country where Maruti ships the web purchases to.
  1. Participants in the Promotion signify their agreement to the T&Cs by accepting participation in the Promotion.

2. Participation
  1. Participation in this Promotion is permitted only during the Promotion Period.
  1. Offeror is entitled to disqualify participants if it is of the opinion that participants are not acting in compliance with these T&Cs or are otherwise acting fraudulently.

3. Free give-away: Maruti bracelet

  1. Within the context of the Promotion, every consumer who makes a shoe purchase in the Promotion period will receive one (1) free Maruti bracelet. The consumer will receive a random selected print/colour of bracelet that cannot be converted for another print/colour or paid out in cash.

    The Retail Value of each bracelet is 4,95.

  2. Offeror retains the right to make an alternative give-away available if the bracelet is not available for any reason whatsoever.

4. Liability

  1. Offeror is not responsible or liable for defects or the consequences thereof in the prize or parts thereof to be furnished by Offeror and/or third parties.
  1. Whereas Offeror pays the greatest attention possible to the organisation of the Promotion, it might occur that the information displayed or provided is incomplete or incorrect. Any inaccuracies, spelling mistakes or other comparable errors on promotional or other material disclosed by Offeror of any nature whatsoever cannot be enforced against Offeror, nor can they be the cause of any obligation being created for Offeror.
  1. Offeror is not liable for damage/loss of any nature whatsoever that ensues from or is connected with the Promotion or participation therein. Offeror is not liable for any damage or injury whatsoever to property and/or persons as a result of the use of the free give-away.
  1. The above exclusions of liability of Offeror are also applicable to persons or companies affiliated with Offeror, auxiliary staff engaged by Offeror and third parties engaged by Offeror.

    Questions and/or complaints regarding this Promotion can be sent to questions@marutifootwear.com

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